Other services offered

As well as carrying out four-wheel alignments, ATEC-ALIGN offers other types of work to make sure your vehicle remains in top-class condition.

Alignment adjustments using owner’s modified settings

We get many car enthusiasts into ATEC-ALIGN who have a clear idea on how they want their car’s alignment to be set up. We can take a customer’s bespoke settings, and providing there is enough suspension adjustments, we can set up their car to handle perfectly on track days. We have adjusted a number of Mazda MX5s, Honda S2000s and many other modified cars so they handle better on the road and on the track.


It’s essential you keep your car regularly serviced so you don’t run into major problems in the future due to a lack of regular maintenance. At ATEC-ALIGN, we can service cars from most manufacturers whether that’s a straight-forward oil service/filter change or a full/major service. We ask customers whether they would like to use genuine manufacturer or quality third-party service parts. For a quote or to book your car in, ring ATEC-ALIGN on 01484 767373 or email me at: enquiry@atec-align.co.uk.


If you think you have a problem with your suspension, feel free to contact ATEC-ALIGN and we’ll help to diagnose what’s wrong. We can replace shock absorbers, springs, suspension arms, bushes, ball joints, etc. using genuine manufacturer or quality third-party service parts.


We can help to diagnose brake-related problems, such as juddering, knocking and grinding which could be caused by a number of issues. Or if your car needs its brakes replacing, ATEC-ALIGN can fit discs, pads and shoes, using genuine manufacturer or quality third-party service parts.


If you’ve got problems with your exhaust, feel free to bring it into ATEC-ALIGN and we’ll carry out a full examination of your exhaust system and help to diagnose what’s wrong. If any parts need to be replaced, we can provide a competitive quote using quality third-party parts.

If you have any queries, feel free to call 01484 767373 or email: enquiry@atec-align.co.uk.